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Whether you are a current behavioral health provider or a parent wanting additional behaviorally-based training and/or materials for your own child, we hope you will find just what you are looking for today!

About Me


Initial Consultation

I offer a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your child's behavioral health  needs. Whether you are looking for ABA services for your child with Autism or EF skills coaching, I would be happy to speak with you by phone or email, to determine your child's needs. After this initial consultation, I will follow up with you to recommend an appropriate service. If you have questions or would like to speak by phone, please give me a call at (925) 973-0279. Thank you!

Behavior Analyst: Applied Behavior Analysis Services

I offer comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis services that include evaluating your child's medical and educational background, assessing your child's current behavior in both the home and school settings, establishing functional goals, and advocating for your child's long-term behavioral health. For additional details about local, in person services, please visit my local business website: TODAY FOR TOMORROW. Thank you!

Coach: Executive Functioning Skills

Contemporary research strongly suggests that executive functioning skills are some of the most crucial cognitive abilities that humans possess. However, many children and adults with ADHD and other learning difficulties manifest significant delays in their development of these crucial EF skills. Using my background in Applied Behavior Analysis, I provide children and families with a positive behavior support framework and individualized strategies for improving executive function skills. Consultation and training for parents and other caregivers is also available. 

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